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Cantina Valpantena - Torre del Falasco, Bardolino


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1.Produttore.pngProducer: Cantina Valpantena

2.nomeok.png Name: Torre del Falasco, Bardolino

Classification: D.O.C.

Type: Red Wine

Grape variety: Corvina veronese, Rondinella

Alcohol content: 12.5%

Production Zone: Verona, Veneto

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Combinations: Ideal for soups, broth tortellini or boiled and white meat.

Service: 16-17 ° C in goblet "Renano"

Color: Ruby Red

Perfume: Delicate

Flavor: Dry but persistent with a bitter bitter taste typical of Bardolino

The main line of Cantina Valpantena owes its name to the brigand Falasco, who in 1600 struck the valley as a cove in a small tower in the hamlet of Stallavena. This soon became a symbol of linkage with the territory and reason of storytelling and traditions that are well accompanied by any wine from the Torre del Falasco line. The Torre del Falasco wines can count on a constant, accurate and meticulous care of the vineyard and a selection of grapes from the field, which allows the birth of these wines of high esteem and consistency over time.
The vineyards of red berries, from the vintage to the ripening, are subjected to constant monitoring by the entire agronomic team and the grapes harvested at the time of perfect ripening are then transported to the cellar and pig-smoked to start immediately Maceration process. The inoculum with selected yeasts and the constant wetting of the hat will complete the fermentation process in just under two weeks, after which the skins are pressed for a greater extraction of the must from the raw material. Constant control of fermentation, pressing and timing temperatures is the success factor of each large red wine, which gives the enologist the delicate final task of refinement.

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