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Cantina Volpi - Grappa Chianti


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1.Produttore.pngProducer: Cantina Volpi

2.nomeok.png Name: Grappa Chianti

Type: Grappa

Variety: Pomace of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon (Chianti)

Alcohol content: 40%

Production Zone: Sant'Ermo - Tuscany

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Serving suggestions: After meal in pleasant company.

Service: 18-20 ° C.

Tasting notes:

Bouquet: Intense, persistent, fine and forthright

Taste: Generous, Full, Wrapping

Unlike the Brandy obtained from the distillation of wine, Grappa is obtained from the distillation of marc, the solids deposited during the first phase of the transformation of grape juice into wine. The slow and wise distillation process, is performed with strictly traditional criteria. The choice of one heart guarantees authenticity and value to give a classy product that the nose is intense and persistent, fine and blunt. To the taste it is generous, full, surely enveloping

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