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Ceschia - Nemas Grappa Barrique


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1.Produttore.pngManufacturer: Ceschia

2.nomeok.png Name: Nemas

Type: Grappa Barrique

Grape: Refosco, Cabernet and Picolit

Alcohol content: 40%

Production area: Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Pairings: Dark chocolate

Services: Room temperature in a large goblet

The distillery Ceschia works by following a simple concept: small amounts of spirits, cured from the fruit to bottling. Only pomace and fruit of Friuli, the book from year to year peasants, slowly distilled with discontinuous method in typical Friuli boilers of steam copper.
The Ceschia grappa is made in the typical area of ​​Ramandolo production of great quality wine, whose marc is the basis of the recipe of James Ceschia; these are associated marc from Refosco grapes, Cabernet and Picolit, all grown in the area, expertly blended to give the unmistakable typicality distillate.
By tradition Ceschia born Nemas Reserve Barrique, luxurious blend of fine schnapps varieties, wisely aged in French oak barrels for at least 18 months. It pairs beautifully with dark chocolate and savor a tempertura environment in large goblets.

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