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Licorera Zacapanenca - Ron Zacapa Sistema Solera Gran Riserva 23 anni


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1.Produttore.pngManufacturer: Solera

2.nomeok.png Name: Ron Zacapa Gran Reserva

Type: Rhum

Alcohol content: 40%

Production Zone: Guatemala

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Pairings: The Zacapa rum is traditionally served straight after the meal.
But it is pleasant to taste with good chocolate with cocoa content of 65 - 75% or sweets made with chocolate

Tasting notes:

Bouquet: the great aromatic structure, dense and complex, with hints of tropical fruit, ripe fruit, dried figs and cream, with a slight feeling spicy. It conjures up a variety of mouth-watering suggestions, from the fruits to spices, from vanilla to cocoa

Taste: It envelops the palate with noble hints of sherry and wood, with elegant and evocative finale.

Zacapa rum 23 years is distilled from pure sugar cane juice, aged by the Solera system in oak casks that have previously hosted Bourbon whiskey, sherry and Pedro Ximenez wine, Zacapa 23 is obtained by a combination of rums aged up to 23 years.
The Zacapa rum (Ron Zacapa Centenario) is an excellent Guatemalan rum, limited production, the result of a special blend of aged rums anejos long. Zacapa Rum is well known and appreciated by connoisseurs, which places it among the best rum in the world. It owes its name to the Zacapa area, the municipality of Guatemala (capital of the department) was founded at the time of Spanish colonization. Many centuries before in that area had developed the Mayan civilization of which still remain archaeological ruins.
Located on the banks of the Motagua River it is best known for the production of the famous rum Zacapa Centenario, much appreciated by connoisseurs.
The creation of rum Zacapa starts right there, in the fertile volcanic soil typical of Guatemala. Nowhere in the world it is more suitable for the cultivation of sugar cane as the southern coast of the country, where the tropical sun shines all year round.
Unlike most rums, which use molasses as a base for the production of rum Zacapa using only pure sugar cane juice, called "Miel Virgen" (virgin honey) from Guatemalans. Here's what is unique about the Zacapa rum. For the fermentation process, which lasts over 5 days, using a yeast obtained from a strain properties, dall'ananas extract; This ensures an inimitable taste and aroma and always constant over time.
The Zacapa rum is produced by Licorera Zacapaneca S.A. (Located in Zacapa, eastern Guatemala) founded in 1940 by three families Guatemalan (Girón, Estrada and Gordillo) that is entrusted to a well-known Spanish rum expert, Dr. Burgaleta, to create an excellent rum. To mark the centenary of the city of Zacapa, in 1976, it was created the Ron Zacapa Centenario selection, including various types of aging of Zacapa rum.
The Solera System:
In ancient Solera process, art and experience suggest mixing rum and aging of different personalities, to allow them to mature absorbing characteristics of the different barrels in which they rest. Mixing is an art and the "mezclador" maestro creates a right mixture as an artist uses different colors to create a painting, selecting the casks to age, the type and character of rum containing. This dynamic and artisan process requires constant attention and the luxury of time. According to the Solera process, the Zacapa rum aged in a series of oak barrels that have previously hosted robust bourbon, delicate sherry and fine wines Pedro Ximenez. This sophisticated process produces a deep rum, rich flavor, outstanding harmony and incomparable quality.

The aging of the Zacapa rum:
The Zacapa rum aging in the city of Quetzaltenango, in the highlands of Guatemala, at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. The barrels engaged aging are made by hand by skilled artisans with white oak previously used to age bourbon whiskey and sherry and are housed in the "House over the Clouds", the place chosen by the Master Blender, as the perfect place for aging rum. A place where the cool climate favors a slow aging by reducing evaporation and allowing the rum and the wood time to merge their essences, creating the so-called aging at altitude. In this environment, where it reigns the silence and the darkness, the rum becomes, year after year, waiting for the day he will return to see the light to provide perfect experience of flavor and taste.

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