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Marzocchi - Il Santo


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1.Produttore.pngManufacturer: Marzocchi

2.nomeok.pngName: Il Santo

Type: Fortified Dessert Wine

Grapes: Moscato and Malvasia

Alcohol content: 16% Vol.

Production Zone: Montefoscoli - Tuscany

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Serving suggestions: Ideal with any type of pastry, almond biscuits of Prato, brigidini, buccellato, chestnut, Ricciarelli, Panforte, dead beans, crushed Easter, dove, ciaramicola.

Service: Serve after meals

Color: deep golden with amber reflections

Bouquet: Intense, aromatic and fruity

Taste: Full velvety, very sweet

To produce this particular meditation wine Moscato and Malvasia grapes are harvested late, and are then left to dry in the sun for at least a week in special ventilated transparent containers which perform the function of the old racks.

It 'a wine with high sugar and alcohol content, to drink after a meal. Suitable for aging, more than 3-4 years.

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