Argiolas - Costamolino 2015


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ProduttoreManufacturer: Argiolas

Nome Name: Costamolino

ClassificazioneClassification: Vermentino di Sardegna DOC

TipoType: White Wine

VitignoVarietal: Vermentino, primary aroma varieties.

AnnataVintage:   2015

Gradazione AlcolicaAlcohol content:   14%

Zona Di ProduzioneProduction Area: Sardegna

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AbbinamentiServing suggestions: Seafood appetizers, spawning shellfish, fish soup, sea bass with artichokes, soft cheeses and moderately mature.

ServizioService: 9-11 ° C in medium-large goblet, without flared rim

Tasting notes:

ColoreColour: pale, slightly greenish.

ProfumoNose: subtle, intense and delicate, with good primary and secondary aroma.

GustoTaste: fresh, dry, dry, savory with pleasing delicacy and finesse.


Provenance: Vineyards in the hills Pranu Sturru-Suelli, Costa Bancodi and Perda Campus-Selegas, about 190 meters above sea level.
Soil: Slopes cakes of varying particle size and chemical composition and physical.
Climate:  Mediterranean, mild winters, limited rainfall, very hot and windy summers.
Harvest: Manual, in the early hours of the morning.
Winemaking: Careful selection of the grapes, very light pressing with use of only the flower must. Cooling to 10-12 ° C with natural settling. Fermentation at 16-18 ° C for about 20 days. Conservation at controlled temperature.

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